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16th century German

14th century

General medieval to 16th century

Other tutorials

31 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Hej, vad kul att hitta fler som gillar att sy korsetter! Och kul att du går Steneby, det har jag också gjort, men nu bor jag i Örebro. Har precis startat en blygsam blogg med saker som jag gjör, bl a korsetter. Några ‘turorials’ finns med där, meningen är att lägga ut min egen om korsetttillverkning oxå, nu blir jag inspirerad av dig att snabba på lite med att bli klar med det:-) Jag är urusel med datorer å därför blev ett ‘blogghotell’ enklaste hemsidalösningen för mig, kika gärna in: http://www.akdesignohantverk.wordpress.com

    Fortsatt lycka till med din fina sida!

  2. Hi Cathrin,

    My name is name is Neusa, Im from Brazil and I love your work.

    Could you send me please the parts missing of Lattice Smoking? I need know step 3 complete on page 129. Could you informe to me waht the name of this book and where I localize one?

    Many thanks and sorry about english

  3. Hi,
    i went through your tutorials.
    Just need a little help of drafting and cutting the corset pattern. will you upload some tutorial on same topic,

    Thankyou, hoping for the updates


  4. Hi I just wanted to say Thank you for your snocking tutorial!! It’s the best one I have found yet. I am really excited to learn this technique.
    P.S. If you like Retro and Crafts check out my web site RetroModernHousewife.com

  5. Hoi Cathrin,

    Vertaling van het Spaans in het Engels
    My name is Katy and I love historical clothing, I’m trying to do some corsets, I have seen your torial, wonderful, always use zip to these and now I try to put grommets but I do not go!! when I hit the grommet is broken by the back. Can you help me?wat I do wrong?

    Wanderful work you do.


  6. Hi Cathrin, Hallo from South Africa. I was looking for lattice smocking, I had the pattern for about 30 years, but threw it away about a yr ago. Now these pillows are all of a sudden very popular. A shop pillow is just not the same as a handmade one. Will get the material tomorow for a gift for my daughter. Thanks a lot. Johanna Bergh (I am on facebook)

  7. hey u r very talented katzzzzzzzzz.i like ur corset very much hope to learn many good thing from u in coming future all the best ……..

  8. Love these tutorials!!! Very simply explained! I sew alot and am venturing into more detailed time consuming designs and this website is wonderful!

  9. P.S. You are being currently featured at a Steam Tea link party going on through this coming Saturday. Hope this will please you as much as your site pleased a member of our group!

  10. Dear Cathrin,

    Thanks so much for sharing your talents. It’s so generous of you. I was thinking of using smocking for the top edge of a linen net curtain that I am making since net curtains can tbe boring and unimaginative. I could only imagine this curtain in my head and could not resolve how to get help with the smocking. I then googled smocking and went straight to your site. The way in which you illustrate smocking is so easy to understand and I also believe your way of helping is in wanting the viewers to believe they can naturally do it well.

    Thank you

    A. Wilson

  11. Thanks a lot Catherine,

    I did both smocking styles and am ready to use them on a few projects.
    Yet to venture into the corsets, but I cannot wait.

    Love your work.

    Cassie, Accra, Ghana

  12. I love your tutorials , never seen better. I made a lot of clothes thanks to you :)
    Best regards from Poland

  13. Först måste jag få säga att du är otroligt duktig, ett rent nöje att titta igenom allt du har för du förklarar så mycket, och såklart är allt toppkvalitet. Nu min frågan, du har inte mer bilder eller en tutorial på läderarmbandet med skedarna på? Det är så vackert,skulle vilja prova att göra ett, jag har en ring (köpt) från en sked och gillar dom så mycket. Hälsningar Linda

  14. Thank you ever so much for these great tutorials! The Kampfrau ones have been an invaluable help while coping with the task of sewing my first dress for reenactment. :)

  15. You have inspired me. I have started to make a smocked Hemid for my German. I haven’t smocked anything for maybe 45 years. It’s amazing that I still remember how. LOL I guess that what is said about what you learn young stays with you. I am working on a copy of the Katharina von Mecklenburg dress as well as the Swabien single embrodiered sleeve. I hope to have them both done by next May’s A&S comp. Lady Cate of Artemisia

  16. Tack för dina fina arbetsbeskrivningar! Jag vågade mig på att rita mönster och sy en till mig själv 😀en fråga om bröstens form? Jag har rätt stor byst också och när man tittar på samtida bilder ser idealet ut som “äppelbröst”. Runda och höga så jag klippte mina påsar lite rundare, men då blir det lite “luft” kvar på ovansidan av kupan. Kanske det rättar till sig med klänning över?

  17. Kirsti: Vad roligt! Det är ju så att det är underklänningen som skapar formen för vad du har över, precis som med moderna bh:ar, så du kan inte räkna med att det kommer att lösa sig bara för att du tar på dig en klänning över. Jag skulle säga att du behöver sy in din bh:klännings kupor lite om du har “luft” kvar. Eventuellt vaddera med något ifall du inte får den formen du vill.

  18. Hallo,

    my name is Tom Eckert from Germany. Sorry my english is not so good.
    I will write an article about german Kruseler-figures. For this article I need a Picture. Can I use a Picture from Your Homepage where the starched frilled veil is shown. The veil look verry beautiful.

    Greatings from Germany

    Tom Eckert

  19. Hi Tom
    Thank you :)
    As long as you put a link back to me and mention from where you found the picture you can use my picture :)

  20. Hi Carthrin,
    I hope this email finds you well.
    I am looking for assistance in finding a pattern for the small Kampfrau hat that sits on top of the head and along the top of the white head peace. It is small.
    If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance
    Take care

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  22. Thank you so much – really useful and easy to follow tutorials. Your work looks amazing, and thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge.

  23. So many years later it is still very useful! If you do know that the majority isn’t leaving a reaction or thank you note, I imagine this is used so often. Anyway, thank you very much!!! My daughter needed a military uniform so after a lot of searching I was so glad I found your pattern!

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