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how I sew corsets

This is a guide of how I sew my corsets, I think that is is a really simple way since there is no need to worry about the “stitch in the ditch” issue, having seams that are not exactly aligned. This corset does not have a busk since I made this tutorial before I learned how to insert them. But HERE is a really nice tutorial on how you do it, it is also how I insert my busks.
This tutorial does not address any pattern making either, It is simply a note on sewing technique.

For you Swedish speaking people out there, I now have this tutorial in Swedish and it can be found HERE
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button corset nr2

The second button corset have been done for quite some time, but I have had no time to photograph it before now.
The pattern is made by me and the corset is sewn in two layers of cotton coutil, spring steels all around, extra wide busk, two piece grommets, flossing on the top of all the steels, hand sewn buttons, satin lacing.

button corset 2 - side back
button corset 2 - front
button corset 2 - back
button corset 2 - buttons
button corset 2 - close up
button corset 2 - full view